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      Pen Kits


      The BUD Touch is a light, slim and easy to carry vaporizer. For those looking to test out our CBD vape oils, the BUD Touch is a great starting point with little commitment. As a unique perk, the soft end of the BUD Touch can be used  as a touch pen for your touch-screen electronic devices.

      - When the electronic cigarette is not in use, it remains in standby mode.
      - This e-pen can also be used as a stylus for touch screen phones and computers.
      - When in use, the built-in LED light turns on/off automatically and the vapor will be produced; there’s no button to hold down while taking a puff.
      - After smoking more than five seconds at a time, the LED light will flash three times then the power will be switched off automatically.
      - If the LED light flashes 10 times continually, the battery needs to be charged.



      - Diameter 0.3inch / 9.6mm

      - Length: 5.2 inches 85mm

      -  Weight: 0.60z

      - Battery capacity 280mAh


      - Working voltage 3.3-4.2V


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