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Company Overview


About BudTank


BudTank, powered by Buddy, is a world-leading company in vaping industry. Drawing from over a decade of industry experience, Buddy has earned a stellar reputation for delivering top-quality vaping hardware and innovative solutions. Backed by this expertise, BudTank is at the forefront of technology and design, continually pushing boundaries to provide unparalleled vaping experiences. Each product from BudTank undergoes rigorous testing and meticulous precision, guaranteeing unmatched quality and customer satisfaction. BudTank values strong partnerships and is dedicated to tailoring solutions that empower cannabis businesses to thrive in a dynamic market. 







Our mission is to continuously study, research, innovate, design, and build the safest, highest-performing cannabis vape hardware incorporating the most advanced technology while adhering to the highest quality, reliability, and safety standards. We are the leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance vaporizer cartridges, pods, power supplies, all-in-ones, and more. And we intend to stay on top.




With a facility of more than 60,000 square meters in Shenzhen, China, and over 100 research and development engineers, 300 production and quality control professionals, and over 1,000 manufacturing operators we design, develop, build, and test the world’s highest-performing vape products according to the most strict quality and safety standards, including passing the heavy metal testing recommended by U.S. regulations.


Our manufacturing facilities hold multiple ISO certifications (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18000, ISO 13485, GMP, QS). These focus on safety and quality requirements for vape devices as well as test methods, environmental conditions, emissions, and safety analytical equipment.



As an industry leader, compliance is a maximum priority for Buddy. With a whole set of strict management systems and manufacturing standards in place, we were certified by ISO, HACCP, and many other renowned institutions. Being a member of the NCIA’s Safe Vaping Task Force, our leadership team strongly advocates for safer manufacturing standards and proper regulations.

















  • Complete the renewal of the "Tobacco Monopoly Production Enterprise License"
  • Attained recognition as a "Specialized, Proficient, Innovative, and Exemplary" enterprise 
  • Launched visable oil window solution for disposables
  • Launched dual-core ceramic heating technology
  • Launched induction heating technology upgrade solution
  • Launched air heating 2.0 solution
  • Launched pod-style heat-not-burnt solution


  • Obtained the tobacco monopoly production enterprise license

  • Launched brand “Bpod”

  • The industry's first green degradable heating element "living core stone"

  • Established "Buddy Technology-Jiangnan University Joint Laboratory"

  • The company's medical atomization project has officially landed and completed strategic layout in "tobacco harm reduction" and "medical health" through strategic partnerships.

  • Introduce the three major business processes of IPD, LTC and ITR

  • Obtained safety quality star detection certification

  • The company's medical atomization project has officially landed and completed strategic layout in "tobacco harm reduction" and "medical health" through strategic partnerships.

  • Introduce the three major business processes of IPD, LTC and ITR

  • Obtained safety quality star detection certification

  • The proprietary "composite embedded" heating element BCORE applied to products

  • HNB composite heating element

  • iCORE 2.0 is applied to the product

  • Launched the first oil-locking atomizer V16 and obtained patented

  • Passed ISO13485 medical device management system certification

  • Launched the industry's first CBD atomizer automatic oil filling machine

  • The sales volume of "Qicaiyun" tobacco-flavored e-liquid in cooperation with China Tobacco ranks first in the country

  • Launched the first HNB Pin-style heating element  and obtained patent

  • HNB heating kit iBuddy-i1 won the "Top 10 Products" award in the industry

  • HNB heating kit brand “ iBuddy”won the "Top 10 Brands" award in the industry.

  • Cooperated with China Tobacco Company to launch  “Qi Cai Yun" e-liquid

  • Won the honor of "National High-tech Enterprise"

  • Has passed ISO9001, GMP and other management system certification

  • Cooperate with China Tobacco companies

  • Company moved to Buddy Hi-tech Innovation Park

  • Launched the first glass heating element product T3

  • Launched T# and obtained patent

  • First launched ceramic heating element

  • Launched HeBe, VS1.

  • Invent and launched the first dry herb & wax vaporizer TITAN

  • Became the inventor of the dry herb&wax e-cigarette

  • Apply for a patent for combined electronic cigarettes

  • Launched the industry's first front-end charging e-cigarette and obtained patent

  • Launched E-Pard

  • BUD(CE3)became the first CBD vaporizer in the industry

  • The first cotton free vaporizer with utility patent

  • The first professional CBD vaporizer

  • Launched BUD(CE3) series

  • The capsule e-cigarette won the gold medal in Geneva, the US, Germany, the UK,and the Middle East 

  • Put on record and released the industry's first e-cigarette enterprise standard

  • The product enters the pharmaceutical channel for the first time

  • Buddy moved to “Tian Rui Industrail Park”officially named“Buddy Technology Industrial Park”

  • Launched EC502

  • "Xiang Brand Technology“ was established

  • Launched the first disposable e-cigarette 401L

  • Launched 401、601、701

  • Capsule type electronic cigarette obtained invention patent


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