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Every single product we launch is the final result of years of investing in research & development. Catering to our customers with the latest technology and design in vaping solutions gives us the satisfaction of providing a never-before-seen level of experience for everyone. On top of that, our sleek, fashionable, and customizable designs turn Buddy into the new high-quality standard.


The proprietary B-CORE® technology is the outcome of many years of research and innovation. The Composite Embedment heating method makes it a one-of-a-kind device with a wide array of advantages compared to the industry´s available products, turning it into a better, smoother and higher experience for the user.


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The Rising Trend of Celebrities Embracing CBD: Insights from Influential Figures in Various Industries
    On August 28, 2019, former American football star Rob Gronkowski held a press conference in New York, not to announce a comeback as many had anticipated, but rather to unexpectedly introduce and promote Cannabidiol (CBD). Gronk revealed...
Mar 19. 2024
The Legalization Landscape Updates and Implications for the Cannabis Industry 2024
Cannabis legalization has been a topic of significant interest and debate globally. In recent years, there have been notable shifts in attitudes and policies surrounding the plant, leading to changes in its legal status across various jurisdictions. ...
Mar 14. 2024
Emerging Cannabinoids Market Research: Unveiling Delta-8 THC and CBD Potential
Embarking on the journey of market research into emerging cannabinoids such as Delta-8 THC unveils a fascinating exploration of the economic landscape surrounding the widely discussed Cannabidiol (CBD). In the intricate world of cannabis plants, wher...
Jan 16. 2024
10 Trends Shaping the Cannabis Vape Industry in 2024
As we venture into 2024, the cannabis industry stands at the forefront of transformative trends, ushering in an era defined by regulatory shifts, technological breakthroughs, and evolving consumer preferences. With a focus on the rapidly growing cann...
Jan 06. 2024
Celebrate Buddy’s 15th Anniversary | Striding Forward, Unwavering Progress
Fifteen years ago, Buddy was officially established with the mission of "Human Health Benefits from Science and Technology." Buddy has been committed to the field of electronic vaporization, providing one-stop solutions for electronic vaporization te...
Oct 27. 2023
Buddy Technology Takes Action Against Patent Infringement in the E-Cigarette Industry
  Shenzhen Buddy Technology Development Co., Ltd. ("Buddy"), a leading high-tech enterprise in the e-cigarette industry, announces its commitment to protecting its patented technology against infringement. Buddy owns a U.S. patent (US9999254 B2)...
Sep 25. 2023
Statement on Patent Infringement and Rights Protection
Shenzhen Buddy Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Buddy”) has a US patent and A Chinese patent (hereinafter referred to as “Locking Patent”) entitled “a plug-in locking system mouthpiece, e-cig...
Sep 07. 2023
Buddy Earns "Specialized, Refined, Innovative" Title, Enhancing Product Power
Buddy has recently been honored with the "Specialized, Refined, Innovative" enterprise title for the year 2022 by the city of Shenzhen.   "Specialized, Refined, Innovative" refers to the distinctive developmental characteristics of companies tha...
Aug 22. 2023
BCORE Heating Technology
What is BCORE BCORE “composite embedment” technology heating method is to hide the heating element and embed it in ceramics. It adopts a cotton-free structure and a cup-shaped heating design, making the atomization process faster and more...
Jun 02. 2023
BUDTANK Launches CH4: A Proprietary CBD Vape Device with an Exclusive Patent
BUDTANK, powered by Buddy, is a leading manufacturer in the CBD vaping industry, has announced the release of its exclusive patented CBD vape device, the CH4. The CH4 offers a premium vaping experience that combines convenience, aesthetic appeal, and...
Jun 02. 2023
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