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US Leadership


The US Team


Buddy has assembled a U.S.-based Team with over 26 years of Cannabis Industry experience. Our Team has firsthand experience in Cannabis extraction as well as the production of Cannabis concentrate vaporizers of all types. Our U.S. Sales and customer support team with offices located in Tustin, CA. can work directly with you to customize a Vaporization "Solution". By "Solution" we mean the ideal product to fit your look as well as your Concentrate. One size does not fit all; Customized heating elements, porosities, intake orifice adjustments, and variable voltage settings provide the perfect Vaporization "Solution" for every type of Concentrate. Our Manufacturing team provides printing, laser engraving, color customization, and stickering as well as all types of packaging to suit your needs. We have been providing OEM/ODM services since 2008, we know we can provide you with the highest level of quality and customer service available.

Customer Service


We are committed to providing exceptional customer service. Our team is trained and eager to go above and beyond your expectations. Going the extra mile for you, the same way we do with our manufacturing approach is what sets us apart from everyone else. You deserve the same level of attention as our products, and we make sure you receive them.

Technical Support


We are more than happy to provide unparalleled technical support, configuration assistance, testing, and validation for any of our customers. Our dedicated team of experts is available 24 hours a day, 6 days a week to serve your needs. We know technical support is a top priority for you and us. You’ll receive an invaluable service to support your needs and long-term success.




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