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best vape for delta 8
  • Cannabis Vape with Smart Display
      Product Description XPRO, the world's first 6ml cannabis vape with a cutting-edge digital display. With industry-leading innovation, This cutting-edge device empowers users to effortlessly track their battery life in real-time, ensuring uninterrupted vaping pleasure. The customizable capacity, ranging from 3-10ml, makes XPRO perfectly tailored to accommodate various oils such as delta8, THC, and HHC, catering to the diverse preferences of enthusiasts.   Product Specifications Tank Capacity: 3-10ml customizable Resistance: 1.2±0.1ohm Dimension: 38.6 X 18.3 X 90.3mm Heating Element: Ceramic Material of Body: Aluminum alloy Material of Tank: PCTG Charging Port: Type C Charging Input Voltage: 5V Battery Capacity: 450mAh  

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