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How to Unclog Vape Carts and Why it Happens?

Vape cartridges, such as CBD cartridges and Delta 8 vapes, have experienced tremendous growth in popularity recently due to their convenience and ease of use. They offer a discreet way to consume vape oils, but they might clog up with time, making it challenging to take a puff.  This problem might be annoying, especially if you recently bought a new cartridge. In this post, we’ll look at the causes of blocked vape cartridges and provide practical solutions to unclog vape carts.


Why Do My Vape Carts Get Clogged?

The Viscosity of the oil

The viscosity of the oil is one of the primary causes of clogged vape cartridges. Since they are thick and sticky, oils like CBD, THC, and Delta 8 may get accumulated around the heating coil, blocking the airflow and making it hard to draw from the cartridge. Moreover, the mouthpiece may get clogged with dirt, dust, and other debris over time.

The compatibility between the oil and the vaping device will be improved by selecting a high-quality vaporizer. Recently, BudTank released Noah, a new disposable vaping device. It has a robust double independent airway design that successfully prevents clogging of the vaping device. When one of your airways is blocked, the air may flow through another airway. So, the blockage won’t ever be a problem for you. Moreover, Noah is highly compatible with many oils, particularly Delta 8 oil. For those who seek a premium vape pen, this will be an excellent option.

unclog vape carts

Heating element

The heating element has long been regarded as a crucial component in determining the quality of vaping devices or atomizers. The industry has been developing cotton core technology for almost ten years, but as the heating power is not particularly consistent, cotton core performances fluctuate, generally performing well in the early stages but declining in a wave-like pattern.

The heating element has been upgraded from a heating coil to a ceramic heating element in the vaporization sector. BudTank is one of the earliest manufacturers who launched full ceramic heating technology BCORE. Microporous ceramics, which may satisfy the needs of electronic cigarette cores, offer the advantages of high-temperature resistance, safety, and non-toxicity when compared to conventional atomization techniques. When compared to atomizing coils composed of other materials, such as heating wire and fiber rope or heating wire and organic cotton, ceramic heating elements have the advantages of a quicker temperature rise and greater temperature uniformity. Well, the temperature range is more precisely controlled. And due to the material’s inherent characteristics, the temperature field of the e-liquid is relatively uniform during the atomization process for more sufficient atomization.


Temperatures and climate are important factors to consider. Cannabis is a sensitive plant that needs extra care, whether it is in the shape of a flower or concentrated. The oil or liquid may become more viscous when kept in a cold environment, which might make it difficult for the battery to vaporize the substance. The cold weather can also make it difficult for the oils to flow, preventing them from getting to the inlet holes where the coil heats the product. It is essential to maintain cannabis products out of cold spaces as a result.

Yet, keeping cannabis-related items in hot environments might also lead to issues. High-temperature runniness of the oils and concentrates has the potential to create leakage into different parts of the vape pen, obstructing critical airflow points. While some people would believe that runny substances would improve airflow, this is not the case. In the end, hot temperatures might produce unfavorable conditions for vaporizing, which can negatively impact the overall experience.

The way the cartridge is used might also cause clogs in addition to these issues. For instance, taking too long of a draw or inhaling too forcefully can cause the liquid to be drawn into the mouthpiece, which can result in clogging.


Is There a Way to Unclog Vape Carts?

Sure, there are several ways to unclog vape carts. Here are some effective ways to unclog them:


Inhale Slowly and Gently

Once the pen has been kept in an upright position overnight or for several hours, it is essential to initiate the priming process. To do this, refrain from inhaling and tap the pen gently before proceeding to take several brief, forceful puffs into your mouth, rather than your lungs. It is possible that repeating this process several times will aid in clearing any blockages. If successful, switch to regular inhaling to facilitate the warming of the oil and to get it flowing. It is critical to pause for brief intervals of 10-15 seconds between inhales to prevent overloading the chamber.


Proper storage can prevent vape clogs

To store a vape pen properly, remember to remove any cartridges from the battery before storing it. This is essential since leaving them connected might cause the oil to leak into the battery and damage it. It’s even more important to separate the cart from the battery if you intend to store the pen for a long period of time to avoid any harm to the battery life. Moreover, it’s advisable to store your vape batteries in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and flammable materials. To guarantee safe storage, make sure to keep the batteries away from any static electric charges.


Clean the mouthpiece

Clean the mouthpiece with a cotton swab or a toothpick if it is obstructed by dirt or debris. Be gentle to avoid damaging the mouthpiece.


Use a needle

You can use a needle to remove the oil buildup from the heating coil if it is blocked. To loosen the oil, insert the needle into the hole and move it around gently. Be careful not to hurt the coil.

It is essential to use caution when attempting to unclog vape carts. Always adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines and be careful not to damage the cartridge’s internal components. It is better to discard of the cartridge and get a new one if it is broken or beyond repair. To avoid frequent clogging of the vape carts and wasting your time, it’s better to get a high-quality vape pen or vaporizer like Noah from BudTank. Don’t waste much time fixing it!







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