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Buddy Wins E-cigarette Export Award for Green Technology Innovation


BUDTANK’s parent company Buddy is a world-leading company founded in 2008 dedicated to design, develop and manufacture vaping products. 

Buddy has recently won the Special Contribution Award for e-cigarette exports at the "Sixth Electronic Cigarette Industry Standard Development Promotion Conference and First Export Service Development Conference 2022". This recognition is a testament to Buddy's commitment to sustainable development and green technology innovation in the e-cigarette industry.

With the successive promulgation of relevant policy documents such as the "Regulations on Electronic Cigarette Management" and the national standard for electronic cigarettes, the electronic cigarette industry is gradually entering a stage of standardized development. Under the clearer guidance of regulatory expectations and boundaries, the Chinese electronic cigarette industry will continue to maintain its good development momentum in the export field and may usher in a new round of growth, entering a new development stage under regulation.

In this era of development, sustainable development has become the industry's key direction. Buddy’s award is a recognition from the industry and customers, as well as a spur for Buddy to continue to improve technology, standardize production, strictly monitor with high requirements, adhere to the path of green development, and contribute to the sustainable development of the industry.

Buddy has always focused on deepening green industrial reform and achieving energy conservation and emission reduction in order to better achieve carbon neutrality. The company has always locked its development direction in the innovation field and integrated green technology, green production and management, and green supply chain throughout the product life cycle. Buddy is committed to building a quality and efficient system with optimized factor allocation and high-added value.

Green technology for electronic atomization

Atomization ability is one of the core evaluation dimensions of electronic vaporizers. From the perspective of green environmental protection, Buddy has developed a new type of harmless and degradable atomization core for users, which can provide excellent taste and reduce carbon footprint, from the perspectives of materials science, thermodynamics, and standardized mass production, making significant breakthroughs.


Green production and management

Buddy has deepened its own carbon reduction behavior, promoted primary packaging and reduced packaging, minimized plastic packaging, advocated for employees to save electricity and water, reduced resource waste and adverse environmental impacts in the office process, and strives to achieve the combination of green production and ecological development.


Green Supply Chain

The implementation of green technology and green production drives the upgrading of the supply chain, enabling Buddy to build a more efficient and green digital and socialized supply chain. This helps the industry improve efficiency while contributing to its own and the industry's carbon reduction.

The new regulatory rules are conducive to "whole industry chain innovation" and overseas market expansion. Faced with opportunities, enterprises need high-quality development, the core of which is to achieve innovative development and green sustainable development.

As a practitioner and promoter of sustainable development concepts, Buddy will further integrate green design and green employment into its corporate development in the future, realizing full green operation from employment, design, technology, production, and supply chain to management and achieving sustainable development.

Buddy's award is not only an honor but also a reminder to continue striving toward green development and innovation. With its focus on sustainable development, Buddy is poised to make even greater contributions to the e-cigarette industry in the future.





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