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Ceramic Cell Core Cartridge
  • CH3/ CH3-L Ceramic Cell Cartridges
      Product Description CH3/ CH3-L Cartridges are precision manufactured with the highest standards of quality, reliability, and safety. Our proprietary ceramic heating technology delivers unsurpassed efficiency, flavor, and performance. Standard 510 thread connection allows for universal compatibility. High-quality cartridge designed for high-viscosity extracts. State-of-the-art vertical ceramic technology. Best-in-class raw materials. Optimal heat conduction. Forward-thinking safety features. Uncompromising performance. Branding and customization are available.   Product Specifications Reservoir Volumes: 0.5 mL & 1.0 mL Thermo Resistant Glass Housing Varying Inlet Sizes Available to Customize Vapor Feel and Taste Height: 2.12 in / 2.48 in (54 mm / 63 mm) Diameter: φ0.37 in (φ10.5 mm) Weight: 0.42 oz / 0.46 oz (12 gr / 13 gr) Mouthpiece Shape Options: Round, Cone Mouthpiece Material Options: Metal, Ceramic

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