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510 Battery for Cartridges
  • OEM 510 battery OEM
      Product Description Experience the all-new GLA 2.0 for an unparalleled flavor journey. With innovative temperature control and three voltage settings(2.0V/2.4V/2.8V), it safeguards your oils from overheating while preserving their delicate flavors. Plus, the 10-second preheat function ensures robust clouds even in the coldest weather. GLA 2.0: Mastering temperature for perfect flavor.   Product Specifications Battery Capacity: 290mAh Diameter: 10.5mm Length: 82.3mm Weight: 16g Charging Port: Type C Voltage: 2.0V/2.4V/2.8V

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  • 510 cartridge
      Product Description The V22™ 510 cartridges will take your flavor to the next level offering the full ceramic cartridge design composed with a ceramic airflow tube and mouthpiece delivering a high potency and pure flavor vaping experience.   Product Specifications Reservoir Volume: 0.5 & 1.0 ml Thermo Resistant Glass Housing Varying Inlet Sizes Available to Customize Vapor Feel and Taste Height: 3.9 in / 2.3 in (10.5 mm / 65.9 mm) Diameter: φ0.37 in (φ10.5 mm) Weight: 0.36 oz (10.3 gr) Ceramic mouthpiece bullet tip and duckbill shaped V22: Thread Top Mouthpiece V23: Press Top Mouthpiece Coil Resistance: 1.4±0.1 Ω

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  • cbd vape battery
      Product Description The B16S Vape Pen Battery is designed specifically for use with concentrate oil vape cartridges. We lowered the voltage slightly, with a new range from 2.6V-3.0V-3.4V. This hits more of a sweet spot with oil cartridges that are notorious for burnt coils. This light and compact beautifully designed piece comes with a stunning preheating function that will ensure your vaping experience is like something you’ve never lived before.   Product Specifications Compact Height: 3.46 in (88.0 mm) Diameter: 0.41 in (10.5 mm) Weight: 0.64 oz (18.4 gr) Battery Capacity: 290mAh Adjustable Voltage: 2.6V-3.0V-3.4V LED Light Indication: 2.6V(Blue), 3.0V(Green), 3.4V(Red) Preheating Time: 10s Charging Time: 1.5-2 Hours Working Current: 3.3-4.2V Charging: Type-C

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